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Real estate marketing requires a range of skills. In the digital age of home selling, a “listing agent” must understand search engine optimization (SEO). The number one job of a real estate marketing expert is creating content for the seller that’s easily discoverable online. Only the top real estate marketing companies can create an optimized marketing campaign home shoppers see before all others.

Most home buyers utilize the internet to search for homes before they buy. A properly designed and well-executed real estate marketing plan will achieve top-ranking results. ABODE is able to distinctly differentiate the properties we market from the thousands of properties online.

An ABODE optimized marketing campaign with “alt tags,” “alt text,” and “image compression” for a fast-loading web page is a fraction of what we do to successfully market a property listing. A relevant title, image caption, property description, and use of competitive keywords and long tail keywords will boost your overall discoverability.

ABODE listing agents are well-versed in digital marketing and #SEO. We don’t rely on multiple listing services (MLS) to do the heavy lifting. A thoughtfully optimized property listing will benefit from the search ranking algorithms even when shared with the IDX “internet data exchange.” The better the optimization, the faster the results. We properly structure AND optimize creative content to reach the top of search results and gain maximum exposure. ABODE has successfully mastered the art of a well executed property listing.

Selling real estate fast for top dollar is the end goal. Regardless of the volume of content created for any given client, the process, delivery, and execution are paramount to the success of the real estate marketing campaign.

Real estate marketing involves a range of strategies, such as traditional print advertising, social media, online listings, and direct mail campaigns.
ABODE specializes in marketing homes and land in East Tennessee. Our team of experts uses advanced techniques to reach the right buyers and achieve fast and successful outcomes.

We take a personalized approach to marketing real estate. ABODE customizes marketing strategies to meet the needs and preferences of our clients. Whether you are selling a luxury home or a parcel of land, we have the expertise and experience to create a marketing plan to achieve your goals.

Our team of real estate marketing experts has a deep understanding of the local market and knows how to position properties to attract the right buyers. We use our expertise to price properties competitively and highlight their best features to generate interest and maximize exposure.

Social media is another powerful tool for real estate marketing. We use social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote listings and engage with potential buyers and sellers. We update these accounts regularly with relevant content and respond promptly to any inquiries or comments from followers.

ABODE has presence at local events such as home shows, open houses and community activities. We network and create brand awareness locally and worldwide. The ABODE brand can be seen in local publications, and national media outlets. 

Luxury Real Estate Marketing

Are you looking to quickly sell your luxury property? At ABODE, we understand what it takes to find the perfect buyer for your property and can help you with the process. Our team of experienced agents will work with you to determine the ideal marketing strategy for your specific needs. We understand that each property is unique and requires a customized approach to selling. Using our resources and knowledge of current market trends, we will create a plan tailored to your situation. Our techniques range from traditional methods such as print ads, open houses, and broker tours, to leveraging modern digital marketing strategies such as SEO optimization, relevant content creation, and social media outreach. We’re committed to helping you find a buyer quickly so that you can close the deal and move on to your next venture – whatever that may be! Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about how ABODE can help market and sell your luxury property.

Key Tools for Marketing Luxury Real Estate 

  • Marketing real estate is a combination of traditional and digital methods. Key tools to consider when hiring a real estate professional to market real estate: Digital SEO/SEM: Optimize content and webpages to appear at the top of relevant search results on search engines like Google.
  • Social Media: Create and share content that engages followers across various social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Email List: Email lists and drip campaigns to stay in touch with potential and existing clients.
  • Paid Ads: Google AdWords or other pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to target customers through sponsored listings.
  • Print Flyers: Distribute colorful, informative flyers to local area residents about properties for sale or rent.
  • Brochures/Catalogues: Comprehensive catalogs detailing available properties along with photos and contact information.
  • Postcards/Mailers: Direct mail postcards to local prospects, inviting them to set up a time to view an open house or tour a property.

In upscale marketing, the selection of advertising platforms holds immense significance, rivaling the product or service’s importance. Esteemed and widely regarded publications like Forbes and Robb Report present an exclusive opportunity for brands, exemplified by ABODE, a luxury real estate brand, to align their visual brand presence with opulence seamlessly. When advertising on these distinguished platforms, the advantages of luxury brand alignment for ABODE are multifaceted.

Accessing Affluent Audiences:

Forbes and Robb Report boast readerships of high-net-worth individuals, business leaders, and decision-makers. Aligning ABODE, a luxury real estate brand, with these platforms provides direct access to an audience that values quality and has the financial means to indulge in luxury real estate.

Enhancing Brand Credibility:

Associating the ABODE brand with reputable publications like Forbes and Robb Report adds an aura of credibility and prestige. These magazines cater to discerning consumers who value authenticity and quality. Being featured in such esteemed publications reinforces ABODE as a benchmark of excellence in luxury real estate.

Targeted Marketing to the Affluent Elite:

Forbes and Robb Report offer a targeted environment for luxury brands like ABODE to showcase their real estate offerings. The editorial focus on business, finance, lifestyle, and luxury perfectly aligns with the interests of the elite, ensuring that ABODE’s message reaches those most inclined to engage with and invest in luxury real estate.

Leveraging Expertise and Authority:

Forbes is synonymous with business acumen and industry expertise, while Robb Report is renowned for its insights into luxury living. Aligning the ABODE brand with these publications enables it to tap into the authority and knowledge it represents, positioning ABODE as a leader within the luxury real estate landscape.

Showcasing Craftsmanship and Innovation:

Luxury brands like ABODE take pride in craftsmanship, innovation, and exclusivity. Platforms like Forbes and Robb Report provide ample space to communicate these aspects effectively. Through meticulously crafted content, ABODE’s advertisements can highlight the intricate details and cutting-edge features that define luxury real estate offerings.

Building a Narrative:

Luxury is more than just a collection of products; it involves storytelling. Forbes and Robb Report serve as canvases for brands like ABODE to weave compelling narratives around their real estate offerings. Whether conveying the history behind a property, the brand’s philosophy, or the exclusive lifestyle it represents, these platforms offer a stage for ABODE to articulate its unique story.

Multi-Platform Reach:

Forbes and Robb Report have expanded beyond print into the digital realm, adopting a multi-platform approach to content delivery. This enables advertisers like ABODE to reach their target audience through traditional print and online channels, maximizing exposure and engagement.

Establishing Long-Term Relationships:

Aligning luxury brands such as ABODE with reputable publications extends beyond a singular advertising campaign. It sets the foundation for enduring relationships with readers likely to become repeat luxury real estate consumers. Building a consistent presence on these platforms fosters brand loyalty and instills trust among ABODE’s clientele.

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