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Real Estate Commissions Disclosure, ABODE, a licensed real estate firm in Tennessee, specializes in providing comprehensive services within the real estate industry. Our state-licensed professionals assist clients in various transactions, including sales, purchases, and leases. Our compensation is structured on a commission basis, meaning the payment we receive for our service is contingent upon the successful completion of a real estate transaction.

All commissions with ABODE are negotiable and never fixed or predetermined by ABODE, the real estate firm, our principals, brokers, or associates. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with clients to establish a fair and mutually agreeable compensation structure, considering each transaction’s unique needs and circumstances.

Commissions may be paid by the buyer, seller, or both, offering a flexible approach to accommodate the preferences and agreements of all parties involved. This flexibility is also designed as an incentive for our agents, encouraging them to strive for optimal results on behalf of our clients.

It’s important to note that ABODE invests significantly in marketing advertising and dedicates time and resources to travel when necessary. This commitment ensures that your property receives maximum exposure in the market, attracting potential buyers or lessees and facilitating successful transactions.

ABODE and our agents have the expertise to navigate the real estate market’s complexities. Our dedication to transparency extends to discussions about commissions and the value we provide. We believe in tailoring our services to meet our client’s diverse requirements, acknowledging that each real estate transaction is unique.

If you have any questions or want to discuss commission details further, please get in touch with us. We are here to guide you through the process and provide the high-quality, personalized service that defines ABODE.

Real Estate Agent Commissions

Whether buying or selling, real estate consumers have various options, each catering to different preferences and needs. These options include traditional full-service real estate agents For Sale By Owner (FSBO), flat-fee brokerages, discount brokerages, and online real estate platforms.

It is up to each consumer to determine which product or service best suits their requirements and preferences. Each option has advantages and considerations, and the decision should align with the consumer’s comfort level, desired level of involvement, and overall goals in the real estate transaction.

If consumers choose to engage the services of ABODE or any of its associates, they must understand the compensation structure. ABODE and its associates are compensated based on a commission structure, the details of which are negotiable. This compensation is typically a percentage of the final sale, purchase, or lease price. Consumers acknowledge and understand this compensation arrangement by engaging ABODE or its associates.

ABODE is committed to transparency and providing clients with the information needed to make informed decisions. Whether opting for traditional full-service representation, exploring FSBO, considering a flat-fee brokerage, or exploring any other option, consumers are encouraged to weigh the pros and cons of each and select the approach that aligns with their unique needs and preferences.

This addition reinforces the importance of consumer choice and understanding the compensation structure when considering ABODE or its associates, emphasizing transparency and informed decision-making.

Real estate consumers, whether buying or selling, have a range of options to consider in addition to traditional full-service real estate agents. These alternatives include For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions and flat fee brokerages. Here’s a breakdown of these options:


Traditional Full-Service Real Estate Agents:

Description: This is the conventional approach where sellers hire a licensed real estate agent who provides a full suite of services, including marketing, negotiating, and handling paperwork.

Pros: Professional guidance, extensive market knowledge, and comprehensive support throughout the process.

Cons: Typically involves higher commission fees, usually a percentage of the sale price.


For Sale By Owner (FSBO):

Description: In an FSBO transaction, the property owner acts as the agent, handling all aspects of the sale without professional representation.

The pros are potential cost savings on agent commissions, more control over the process, and direct communication between buyers and sellers.

The cons are limited access to marketing resources, potential negotiation challenges, and handling legal paperwork without professional assistance. It requires a commitment of time and personal resources.


Flat Fee Brokerages:

Description: Flat fee brokerages offer a middle ground between traditional full-service agents and FSBO. Sellers pay a flat fee for specific services rather than a percentage of the sale price.

The pros are cost savings compared to traditional agents, flexibility in choosing services, and some professional assistance in marketing and paperwork.

Cons: Limited full-service support and sellers may still need to handle some aspects of the transaction.


Discount Brokerages:

Description: Discount brokerages offer lower commission rates than traditional agents while providing more comprehensive services than flat-fee brokerages.

Pros: You can save on commission fees, it offers more services than FSBO or flat fee options, and you can get professional assistance in negotiations and paperwork.

Cons: Services may be less extensive than traditional full-service agents, and the level of support can vary.


Online Real Estate Platforms:

Description: Online platforms may allow users to list properties, access market data, and connect with buyers or sellers.

The pros are convenient online access, a web-based audience, and the ability to manage a property sale from a personal account dashboard.

Cons: Limited personalized support and users may still need to navigate negotiations and legalities without professional guidance.


Important Note:

The pros and cons listed above are examples and not definitive statements. They illustrate potential factors that individuals may consider when making real estate decisions. Consumers must conduct thorough research, seek professional advice, and evaluate their unique circumstances before making decisions. 

Each real estate transaction is unique, and the appropriateness of any approach may vary.

This disclosure emphasizes that the pros and cons are illustrative, encourages individualized consideration, and stresses the importance of thorough research and professional advice in decision-making.

Before deciding, consumers should carefully consider their specific needs, the level of support required, and their comfort with taking on various responsibilities in the real estate transaction. Each option has advantages and challenges; the best choice depends on individual preferences and circumstances.

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