Luxury Real Estate Careers

Luxury real estate careers with ABODE are very rewarding.  We represent clients from around the world and provide an unparalleled level of service and a one of a kind real estate transaction experience.  

ABODE real estate executives have the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with amazing people.  From clients to colleagues, Abode executives interact, engage, and uplift those around us to enhance and improve the lives of the people we come in contact with.

We support and promote a healthy lifestyle, and a high quality of life in and outside of an office environment. ABODE encourages everyone to grow through personal development and life long learning.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an ABODE luxury real estate executive, feel free to contact us today.  We’d be thrilled to connect anytime and we’d love the opportunity to learn more about you.

Luxury Real Estate Agent

Knoxville, TN.

Luxury Real Estate Careers

ABODE - Luxury Real Estate Company Tennessee

Job Description

Relocation experts and luxury real estate company ABODE
Real Estate Careers Knoxville TN


Knoxville, TN.

ABODE, a luxury real estate company, is rapidly expanding. We are growing the ABODE brand nationwide. ABODE is accepting resumes and conducting interviews for licensed real estate agents and brokers in Knoxville, Tennessee.

What We Will Build Together

ABODE real estate executives are associates and trusted advisors to ABODE’s ABODE clients and customers. We will work together to grow your career in the real estate industry. You will be more than the traditional real estate agent. You will be a luxury real estate executive, associate, and advisor representing your brand and the ABODE luxury brand.

Job Title – Luxury Real Estate Executive, Associate, Advisor

Affiliate Broker, Broker, Real Estate Agent

An Abode Luxury Real Estate Executive Career Is Perfect For:

  • Business Development
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Personal Branding
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Service
  • Client Experience Management
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Real Estate Affiliate Broker
  • Real Estate Broker

What You Will Do Day To Day

  • You will be an entrepreneur and independent contractor with the ongoing support of ABODE.
  • You will provide professional insight, guidance, and consultative sales and marketing to buyers and sellers of real estate in Tennessee.
  • You will use your knowledge of the area and expertise in sales and marketing to protect your client’s interests throughout a real estate transaction.
  • You will be responsible for protecting your brand and the ABODE brand.
  • You will represent buyers during the purchase process of real estate transactions.
  • You will represent sellers of real estate during the sales process of a real estate transaction.
  • You will market and promote yourself, build relationships with prospective clients, and develop brand awareness within your community.

What To Expect From Us During The Recruiting Process:

  • Review: We review your experience and your resume.
  • Engage: We will contact you to arrange a time to speak.
  • Interview: This is your opportunity to interview us.
  • Share: We will both take the time to share a little more about what makes us a great fit.
  • Agreement: We will express our interest in working and growing together.

What ABODE Has To Offer You

ABODE will provide luxury real estate executives with the platform to succeed in the current real estate market. ABODE will contribute industry-leading marketing materials and tools to represent the brand effectively. We will help each executive build their brand to enhance their presence online, nationally, internationally, and in their respective real estate market. Abode will maintain managing Principal Broker support to assist throughout the real estate transaction process.


We will provide industry-leading marketing tools and materials to ABODE executives, associates, and advisors. ABODE will run branded company marketing campaigns in digital, print, and visual mediums. The ABODE in-house marketing team will design, create, implement, and execute effective real estate marketing strategies and campaigns across multiple platforms and mediums. Identify and target future customers and clients with marketing strategies that drive engagement and are easily discoverable.


ABODE is a real estate marketing and branding company. We understand and value the importance of a personal brand for every ABODE real estate executive, associate, and trusted advisor. ABODE commits to helping each executive develop a professional web presence to gain maximum exposure, professional recognition, and search engine discoverability. We will provide branded marketing and promotional materials representing the executive associates and the brand in a positive light.


This is an entrepreneurial opportunity and commission position. As a licensed real estate agent, you will be an independent contractor. However, we have developed a uniquely favorable commission structure. ABODE has created the most attractive compensation model for real estate agents industry-wide. We are excited to share the compensation opportunities in greater detail with qualified candidates.

  • Affiliate broker:

A licensee who has qualified for, taken, and passed the examination to sell real estate is usually referred to as a real estate salesperson in most states.

Those wishing to begin a career in real estate in Tennessee will, for the most part, enter as an affiliate broker. Affiliate brokers must be “affiliated” with a “Principal Broker” who is responsible for the affiliate brokers’ actions as licensees. Although an affiliate broker can be new to the industry, it is not uncommon for them to be seasoned agents with decades of experience.

  • Real estate broker:

A person who meets the educational requirements and has at least three years of active experience as an affiliate broker iis qualified to take and pass the examination to become a broker. Unless the broker becomes a principal broker, they also have to affiliate with a “Principal Broker” who is responsible for the actions of the affiliated licensee. Many states refer to this position as an associate broker.

Job Ad Closing Date

  • This position’s Job Ad Closing Date is Friday, December 31, 2023. 12/31/2023


Founder & Managing Principal

Adrian Jackson


Adrian.Jackson@Abode.Luxury (email)


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